'B is for Beekeeping' Is an Alphabet Book That Helps Save The Bees!

'B is for Beekeeping' Is an Alphabet Book That Helps Save The Bees!

Did you know that bees dance to communicate with one another?

You are awesome and smart so you might have already known that. 

But did you know that bees make Royal Jelly? That’s right! Royal Jelly is a food made by worker bees for larvae who will grow up to be queens! 

Where did I learn these awesome facts about bees you may ask? 

From a wonderful book called B Is For Beekeepingwhich is an alphabet book by Justin Weiss made for kids and bee lovers! 

The best part of the book is that a portion of proceeds go to supporting nonprofits that support the conservation and protection of honeybees! It doesn’t get much better than that as far as Lexy The Rap Dad is concerned. 

Justin Weiss and his family are from a small homestead outside of Dallas, Texas and they started backyard beekeeping in 2017. They love working together as a family to care for their garden, chickens and beehives. 

Justin has dedicated this book to his two children and all the profit from the book goes to supporting bees! We need to do all we can to support bees so future generations get to enjoy them (and their delicious honey;)

Bees are critical to our food systems. Protecting bees is about more than allowing insects to buzz and pollinate — it’s about protecting the integrity and sustainability of our agricultural systems. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), bees and other pollinators affect 35% of global agricultural land, supporting the production of 87 of the leading food crops worldwide. Bees also help to pollinate the majority of the planet’s wild plants, which support healthy ecosystems.

B Is For Beekeeping’ is a wonderful book for children of all ages (especially those who love insects and nature!)

My son and daughter really enjoyed the book and we have learnt so much about bees, beekeeping and our own garden from this lovely alphabet book. 

If you’d like to support this wonderful cause please visit Justin’s website to purchase your copy - https://bisforbeekeeping.com/

Thanks for reading!

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