Bomb Mom Chat - with Juno Nominated 'Lisa Sonshine' from the group Sonshine & Broccoli

Bomb Mom Chat - with Juno Nominated 'Lisa Sonshine' from the group Sonshine & Broccoli

I recently had the absolute pleasure to interview Lisa Sonshine, who is half of the Juno nominated kids group Sonshine & Broccoli. In addition to Lisa being an incredible children’s performer, she is also a wonderful mother. Speaking with her about raising an infant during the pandemic really was enlightening and encouraging for me to hear. 

As parents, we are all on this journey together. Unfortunately we do not receive an instruction manual when kids arrive so it’s helpful to hear perspectives from other parents, especially ones like Lisa who are doing an inspirational job balancing being a parent and an entrepreneur / entertainer. 

Which cool parent should we interview next? Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. In the meantime, here is a fun and authentic look at parenting and life during the pandemic with Lisa Sonshine. Thanks for reading! 

Q: What’s it like raising a child during the pandemic? 

A: Well, I would have to say I would break this question into two parts. My son was only 3 months when the pandemic started and we decided as a family to move to my cottage for 6 months. It was dreamy. I took my son for long drives and walks. Where we were, Covid didn’t feel so heavy. When we moved back to the city my son was 9 months and it felt much harder to keep an active boy busy. Once we found our groove it was totally fine. It was much nicer when he started to be able to interact with other kids in the summer. 

Q: Pretend you’ve got a baby-free day tomorrow, where are you going first? (It’s ok to say ‘back to bed’;)

A: old life pre babes. LOL. Sometimes I dream of these days. I would definitely work out at one of my favorite places. Grab a coffee. Run a few errands. Meet friends for lunch. Do a little self care etc mani/massage...chill out before going out for dinner. 

Q: Is there anything that you’d do differently with your second child than with your first? Any major lessons you’ve learned?

A: I don’t think so. Actually I think I would be more calm. As a new mama everything is just so NEW. I most definitely panicked when looking back wasn’t totally necessary. I think your first teaches you and shocks you at the same time. I’m hoping with my second I will remember to chill out. LOL

Q: Are there any songs you’re sick of singing to your son already? (In our house I refuse to sing Baby Shark and the Gummy Bear Song, LOL)

A: LOL, same same over here. Baby shark for sure. But the joy he gets with ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘ei ei oh’. As a children’s entertainer I for sure thought I would be singing him all of my own songs. We do that too , but wheels on the bus definitely trumps Sonshine & Broccoli right now. 

Q: What’s been your least favourite thing about the pandemic? What’s been your favourite thing about the pandemic?

A: My least fav thing has been being isolated from family and friends. Not having the closest people in my life really get to know my son while I know their kids deeply. My fav thing was getting a solid 18 months as a family. My husband was working from home so we really got to be together with my son. Time we otherwise wouldn’t have had. 

Q: Do you have any advice for new moms (parents) reading this?

A: great question. Yes, yes. Trust your gut. Trust yourself. They say ‘mama’s intuition’. It’s a real thing. Reach out for help when you need it. Show up as honestly as you can with your partner or support as to where you are emotionally postpartum. Try to get yourself around other mamas. 

Q: As a Juno nominated children’s entertainer, what’s your favourite thing about performing for kids?

A: I love, love, love what I do. It’s been almost 19 years and everytime I get to rock out on stage for these kiddos it’s a real blessing. Music is the universal language. One our children thrive on. What a gift to see these little people clap, jump, dance and sing your songs. I mean there is no bigger joy. 

Q: Who is your favourite children’s entertainer? (past or present)

A: great question. We have lots of friends in the States (USA) that I admire and love their music. 


Q: I know you love musical theatre. What is your favourite stage production of all time?

A: Hands down, RENT!

Q: What’s one dinner your family could survive on for the whole pandemic? What’s something you are sick of eating? 

A: SUSHI. Everyday and night for sure. Honestly I’m sick of everything. LOL, we go through waves. Especially being pregnant I feel like I’m on a cooking strike. (Mama is tired!) 

Q: What’s something you will tell your kids about the pandemic? 

A: What a wild ride it was! I will tell our kids how to be grateful for the very little things. Our health, our love for one another. Reminding them how little we need when it’s all taken away. No distractions. Simple. Easy does it. And most important...THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Q: You are in a group called ‘Sonshine & Broccoli’, hard hitting question; do you actually like eating broccoli? 

A: I mean I don’t hate it. Definitely not my go to food. But it's cool to be green:)

Thanks Lisa, I appreciate your answers and insights. Coincidentally broccoli is my kids favourite vegetable! Sharing our experiences connects us and reminds us we are in this together. Have a story of your own to tell? Want to be interviewed next? Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading. 

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