Sick or hurt? Don’t be scared - be a Heroic Hospital Warrior!

Sick or hurt? Don’t be scared - be a Heroic Hospital Warrior!

Childhood is a brief chapter in life that leaves a lasting imprint as we grow. It’s the foundation of our whole lives; the place where our stories, relationships and memories begin. Ask anyone about their childhood and you’re sure to get a visceral reaction - the good, the bad, the endless discoveries and the pure joy of being a kid. It truly is an amazing time!

Knowing this, it’s no wonder that parents strive to make childhood as magical as it can be. We’re not just talking about ice cream cones and trips to Disney World - we mean the really magical stuff: love, laughter, family, security, happiness and health. These elements are as important as the food we eat and the air we breathe, and kids depend on us to create this type of environment for them. 

Every child deserves the best possible start in life, and furthermore, a positive childhood is closely linked to the development of important emotional skills. The Canadian Pediatric Society reports that a child’s early childhood experiences can either nurture health and resiliency or make children vulnerable to poor health and development. If children are supported with positive environments and social experiences, their future will look bright. But if they experience chronic stressors...their development and health and well-being risk being disrupted or undermined.”

Some stressors can be avoided, but others are beyond our control - health issues and childhood injuries are a great example of this. In many cases, our health is something we take for granted until it’s threatened. It may be a simple cold, a broken arm or a serious illness - when you’re little, any challenge can feel big!

I wrote the book Heroic Hospital Quest for kids who have undergone or are going through health-related struggles. It’s a tribute to the parents of sick children and the medical teams that help them heal and recover. While the book is set in a hospital, it’s easy to relate the story to less serious illnesses. It may be “just” an ear infection, but when you’re three years old, that’s serious stuff! No matter how big or small the ailment, this story will comfort and inspire kids.

If we could tell kids one thing, it’s this: when you get sick, don’t be scared. Everything is going to be ok. With the help of a doctor and the love of your family, you’re in good hands.

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