The Dino Rap Book - Lexy The Rap Dad

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This is part of our Friendly Fables Rap-A-Long series and has its own song that accompanies the book!

Want to have fun and learn about dinosaurs? Come rap along with us as we explore these prehistoric creatures and have some fun! It’s a blast from the past! 

This fun book about Dinosaurs comes in chunky board book format!

‘So you wanna know who we’re talking about? His name’s Stegosaurus and he’s got mad clout! Defense mechanisms he does not lack - just check out those awesome plates on his back. If you choose to attack then best be warned, he’s got something better than a pair of horns. I spikey tale will never fail, did I mention Stegosaurus also eats kale?!’

This hilarious book is also a rap song!!! Click here to watch on YouTube!