Happy first day of school from Friendly Fables!

Happy first day of school from Friendly Fables!

The first day of school is approaching and parents everywhere are shedding a tear, letting out a big whoop of joy or both. Whether your baby is starting JK, grade three or university, it’s a big day! We hope the back to school experience at your house is a great one.

In My Cool New School, Annie isn’t nervous for her first day at ‘big kid’ school - she’s excited! New friends, amazing teachers, painting, dinosaurs, yoga, recess and more - what’s not to love?! When Annie’s dad arrives at the end of the school day, she can hardly believe it’s time to go home. The day flies when you’re having fun!

While Annie may have felt like she was playing all day long, parents and teachers know that she was learning every step of the way. Children learn through play - it’s an important part of development and education, and it’s not just about advancing social skills! Playtime teaches everything from geometry to physical education. Picture a sensory bin - maybe one filled with sand, water or macaroni noodles. This isn’t just a fun, tactile play centre for children - it’s a way for them to distinguish between fluids and solids, understand weight and measurements, recognize different textures and yes, have fun. Singing helps with the development of language skills. Wooden building blocks and toys like Lego are fantastic for developing fine motor skills as well as logic, and gym class helps with coordination, strength and flexibility as well as athletic concepts. Truly, there’s a lot more to play than meets the eye!

Annie may not realize how much the fun she has at school is helping her learn and grow, but her teachers and parents can see her thrive and shine. My Cool New School is a wonderful story for kids who are excited about school AND those who need a little help getting excited. Trust us - Annie’s enthusiasm is contagious! Thanks for reading.
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